Jonesboro, AR Based Greasy Tree Releases "Don't Worry About Me" Off Forthcoming Debut LP

January 16, 2017



Jonesboro, Arkansas based Greasy Tree have just released their first single "Don't Worry About Me" off their forthcoming debut album that is slated to be issued in February. The band's sound is a blues infused power surge that is reflective of the band's down home upbringing where the influence of their surroundings becomes even more evident and crystal clear as you listen to them. The members all share equal duties on vocals, bassist Red Dorton adds a groove laden flavor to each and every song he touches on bass that immediately turns to red gold when you first hear it. Guitarist Cameron Roberts and his beautiful hair adds a flair to his incendiary guitar skills that are constantly being honed and are able to adapt to their existing surroundings on a dime. Rounding out, drummer Jacob Brumley takes the musical wisdom he has attained to add a rhythmic backbone that makes this band one that is going to be talked about for some time. I don't know a whole lot about the music scene in Arkansas, but just judging from what I've heard so far these guys are most certainly at the forefront of the music scene down there and have that ability to attain recognition beyond the confines of their hometown. An immensely promising young act that is starting to ride on a wave of momentum right now as we speak.


To check out "Don't Worry About Me", it's available on YouTube right here and for more on Greasy Tree, please 'Like' them on Facebook right here to stay in touch, and follow their travels on Twitter directly from this locale over here.


Rock Circuz

Oh, there is the soulful Blues Rock heart. GREASY TREE from Jonesboro, Arkansas have made their debut, and are likely to delight all friends of the bluesy rock with a light jam feel. The trio brings out their own uniqueness, and this is the reason why their first longplayer sounds so easy and relaxed. The tight 42 minutes running time start with the loose and quite calm Blueser, Don't Worry About Me '. It is followed by highlights such as the incomprehensible 'Goin' Home '(catchy blues with a cool blues guitar and a loose feel), the slow blues number, Shame', the slightly funky, 'Love That Lady' with multi-voice Chorus, the beautiful jam-rock heavy, Greasy 'and in the end it becomes with' She Wild 'again wonderfully casual. With all the relaxed coolness, the guys can also rock and prove this with the straightener "Let Love Go" and the easy-to-get "Sweet Sugar" with lots of guitar and cool refrain. GREASY TREE from the states have played a really cool longplayer and you look at the cover artwork, it is very simple, but you can as a music freak already a little guess what music behind it hides. The album also appears on vinyl, which makes this work even more a must for all 70's Blues fans. In GREASY TREE there is a lot of potential and you can look forward to hopefully more wonderful releases of this troupe - for my part, I am already looking forward to the successor as a toddler, even if the debut of the same name just appears - megacool !!!!


Bands do not just arise. There is often a process of development in advance. This development begins with a guitar or drum set in an attic room and afterwards clash with other friends in a school band or the like. Then continue until you get such a local fame so other musicians will appreciate you too. New bands often arise during local projects where cross-pollination takes place between members of various bands. Likewise, the case of Greasy Tree. A relatively young band with quite a lot of experience gained during the above-mentioned process. Greasy Tree consists of singer / guitarist Cameron Roberts, bassist / vocalist Dustin 'Red' Dorton and drummer Jacob Brumley and comes from Jonesboro, Arkansas.

Since 2015, they found each other at concerts in and around Jonesboro and, as of that moment, they were immediately picked up by international media. All influenced with a decent portion of blues and rock which is dotted with a drop of soul. This chemical reaction between the three band members gives a kind of hardrock-like power rock with the blues the base. It even led them to join a European tour with Teenage Head Music accompanying them. This concert agency headed by Manny Montana takes care of a constant supply of new talent in Europe and especially in the Netherlands and Belgium. He brought us to Jared James Nichols, Robert Jon & the Wreck and Delta Saints.

At the end of 2016 their debut album with the same title "Greasy Tree" only saw their lifetime and interpreted their passion with tearing guitar rifles, fat percussion and grumpy bassoons. Recorded in the High / Low Studios in Memphis, hence the soul sauce, with the help of Pete Matthews (known as Devon Allman and Evanescence) and Toby Vest. The recordings are scratch-clear and unfiltered. The grease splashes off, making it a nice, smooth plate that makes for a kind of retro or vintage experience. Because in each song you think you belong to some Classic 70's hardrockband. Nothing news under the sun but nice.

The album opens very well with Do not Worry About Me. A very dynamic number that lasts well. Strong grooving riffs, hard drums and pumping bass lines immediately trigger a better blood flow or cause a higher heart rate. In addition to a tight way of guitar games, Cameron also has a great rock voice. High outcry and the one and the other, the rough edge on the vocal cords. Amazingly this song is Cameron's beautiful guitar solo in this song.


In the following pieces, Let Love Go and Sweet Sugar, I get memories of the debut of The Brew. This thrilling guitar work and racing rhythm section with a great stadium content in shout voice.
The fact that this young band does not just blow is apparent from Ballad-like Time, Love and Space. With this rest, this debut album will only be more powerful. Like the jazzy Goin 'Home. A groovy rhythm as a founder, with the guitar defining the melody. Reminders of the singer's home front are almost visible to us. Cameron Roberts also clearly shows his skills on guitar. When a new Robert Cray flies his fingers are smoothly smooth over the fretboard.


As mentioned, Cameron Roberts has a good rock voice. In the build-up of classic rock song Shame, he is out here with the comparison to Chris Cornell's recently deceased. But with Cameron, the vocal cords are still young and are already wearing the rough edges. If that stays in good condition. The most beautiful song of the album, especially by vocals, but surely by the fantastic guitar solo.


The blues is the base for the entire album and this is emphasized again in Love That Lady. Both the story and the build of the song fits entirely in this style. The variation of this album is also found in the funky grooving songs Whiskey and Greasy. In addition, this last song is further torn apart by a mystical guitar solo from Cameron. This promises to be the show during live performances of this band. For such a fantastic solo you hear little. Driven on driving drums really a top number.
Shutdown She Will let you hear what this band is capable of. Make good classic rock based on blues. In other words, class bluesrock so.
This band tells us how it can be like a band without much help from the outside. Do lots of self and play a lot. So let the musicians go their way in their own development. Do not try to force this out. A good whiskey does not bother you either.

Next year to see January and February during their European tour.


Says the press release and it can be read on the band's website that the Greasy Tree are a power trio with blues infusions, with excess hair and even more attitude. And let there be no doubt that this trio from Arkansas, made up of experienced members who already have three European tours, enter the circuit through the big door. His self-titled debut is, in fact, a fantastic blues rock slant for hard rock. In general, the swing and groove that the band incorporates brings magic - and this is noticeable when you hear memorable songs like Sweet Sugar, Love That Lady or Whiskey. On the other hand, the dirty sound of the added wah-wah guitar creates the appropriate moments of fuzz and psychedelic. Blues rock is indeed the strong side, and BB King, wherever you are, will certainly be thrilled and happy with the way your legacy is performed by these three musicians. But Greasy Tree does not live on blues. Soon the second song, Let Love Go, brings a riff very close to Kiss's Heaven's On Fire. After Goin 'Home introduces jazz structures into a traditional blues theme - the result is great! Greasy is more funky-oriented and develops improvisationally with the guitar and grows and evolves successively. She Wild plays Jimi Hendrix's psychedelic rock. Shame (Behind The Bottle) introduces a new element: the acoustic guitar that underlies the whole theme and on which a song develops in systematic evolution. Finally there's Time, Love And Space, calmer, more introspective and clearly more Southern. That said, blues, fuzz, rock, psychedelic, genius and creativity go hand in hand in Greasy Tree on one of the best records of the year within this spectrum. And not to miss coming to Europe from the trio at the beginning of next year.


Experienced trio, who feels the blues, who has attitude and who presents a sensational debut album. Dustin "Red" Dorton of the Greasy Tree tells us about this new experience and its sensational debut.

Hi how are you? Who are the Greasy Tree? Can you introduce the band to the Portuguese rockers?
Hi, we're fine at the moment. We are keen to reach Europe. We are Cameron, Jacob and Red. And we are the Greasy Tree. We are a Rock n Roll band from the northeast corner of Arkansas, about an hour northwest of Memphis TN. The band formed in late 2014 after a European tour with the Starroys. The three of us decided to go into the studio and write some songs and call it Greasy Tree! Thank you for your time, we thank you.

How did you get the opportunity to form the Greasy Tree and how has your journey been so far?
When the band started, in the beginning, we had to learn to play as a trio. We started writing songs and playing some local shows. With the money we made in these shows, we went into the studio taking advantage of all the possibilities we could and we launched our homonymous work in early 2017. In the process of all this, I feel that we have become a good band. We've all played our instruments for years and with the new voice we found in Cameron, we love this band. The ride has been fun and we have learned a lot. But we're just getting started. Greasy Tree have a lot more to give.

It is possible to verify that they have had previous relevant musical experiences before the Greasy Tree ...
Yes, we've all been involved in album releases with other bands before. And we toured Europe in 2014. That really made us talk about starting the Greasy Tree. We love having a musical outlet and really enjoy sharing our art with other people. There is no better feeling than knowing that the music that comes from within us can affect someone, even if it is just a song. This is powerful!

Do you feel that your newly launched homonymous work has enormous potential? Are your expectations high?
We've actually talked about it for days. We recorded this album on a low budget and we are proud of it. The first record of a band is a good starting point. The way we write and play together can only improve from here. The goals for this album was to release it and, hopefully, make a tour to earn some money for the next album. But this album was really good. Hopefully someone who likes a bluesy rock n roll band will enjoy the Greasy Tree.

I feel that your album has a very organic sound. Was it recorded live in the studio?
Yes, we recorded live. There are some points that have overdubs, but this is definitely a live studio album. Pete Matthews knows how to capture the live feel of the band. Just being in Memphis, you can feel its rich history and culture that has no parallel.

By the way, is there a lot of improvisation?
We wrote the songs only a week or two before recording them, so we had some structures, but we improvised in others. With that, being a trio and getting to know us musically, improvisation is something we do very often, even live.

They posted a post on your Facebook about the death of Chris Cornell. Was it in any way an influence or inspiration to you?
Chris Cornell was definitely an influence for all of us. He was an excellent songwriter and one of the best voices that ever existed. His death was so tragic, it effectively makes us thank for health and good fortune.

What was it like working with Pete Matthews, a name with so much experience?
Me and Pete had already worked together in the past. I knew he would be able to capture what we were looking for. Pete is one of the best. High / Low Recordings recently moved to the only structure in Memphis originally created to be a studio. We're going back to the studio this weekend and can not wait to work with Pete and Toby again.

He pulled you to the limit in order to make all your potential stand out ...
We work very well with Pete, and yes, he knows how to do the best. We are a very young band, but being surrounded by real professionals is a tremendous help.

I found a curious phrase on your site: the infused blues trio with excess hair and even more attitude ... You want to comment (laughs) ...
Ha, we definitely have a lot of hair and we play with attitude. In fact, we are all very calm and easy to get along (laughs).

At the beginning of next year they will come to Europe ... and it will not be the first time for any of you. What memories do you have of the old continent and what are the prospects for returning?
We love Europe and the European music scene. The fans I met all over Europe were very kind and appreciative of what we do. I hope this continues in this tour and in what will follow.

And until January / February, where will Greasy Tree and what to do?
This summer, we will be playing in the South Central United States and we are already starting work on a new album for 2018. And of course we will look forward to our return to the Old Continent. Greetings and thank you very much for your time. Thanks also to those who are reading this. Greetings and hope to see you all soon!